Apr 29, 2008

Detroit Riverfront Labyrinths

Merlin SizedMerlin enjoys the perfect Merlin-sized labyrinth at the new Riverfront Park across from Detriot's Belle Isle. This nine foot wide, seven path Classical Cretan is one of three in the International park created by our good pals, master Artistic Paver Marty Kermeen in collaboration with British master Labyrintharian Jeff Saward.

Apr 25, 2008

Kermeen Chicago Labyrinths

Homestead LabyrinthOur all time favorite labyrinth creator is Marty Kermeen. His amazing hand crafted brick paver designs are a delight to behold, infused with sophisticated workmanship, tradition and innovation. Marty is in great demand and lately he's been collaborating with another labyrinth pal of Merlin’s, Jeff Saward. They have several new installations I hope to visit near Chicago. The first is the historic Homestead Bed and Breakfast in Plano. The new labyrinth surrounded by a yew hedge maze creates an enchanting focus in the estate's outdoor sculpture gallery. Merlin especially enjoys exploring the living puzzle maze, sniffing his way along the paths.

Merlin SizedWe lunch with Debi Kermeen and walk a few peaceful labyrinths and landscapes near her home. The next morning, she takes us to the Illinois Math and Science Academy Labyrinth in Aurora. Marty said on the phone, (he’s away creating a new labyrinth in Wisconsin), that IMSA is his most exciting contemporary installation.Golden Mean Again in collaboration with Jeff Saward, Marty has devised a multi-layered design which incorporates the Fibonacci sequence and prime numbers in colored pavers of the labyrinth border. The center rewards walkers with a hand carved golden spiral, the Golden Ratio, the foundation mathematical constant aesthetically pleasing to mathematicians and architects. The Windy City earns it's reputation as Debi, Merlin, and I frolic amongst the splendid fusion of math, science, geometry, and art.

Day eight. Chicago Labyrinths. 48 Miles.