Apr 27, 2009

Spring Bath

Merlin Waits for BathIn the grand tradition of medieval monarchs bathing once a year in spring to remove their winter layer of warm dirt, Merlin recently graciously agreed to his annual spring bath. Merlin likes water and will wade streams, splash puddles, and swim, as long as his paws touch bottom. Being an Australian Shepherd, he’d gleefully leap into a cattle trough somewhere in the Outback. At home between road trips, his backyard bathing tub gets filled with hose water and a squirt of lavender dog shampoo. Merlin Wet After a good brushing and a Navy shower on any visible skin, Merlin gingerly steps into his wading pool, stoically enduring the hose shower and shampoo lather. He sits, briefly, as the sudsy water is worked into his waterproof fur.

Merlin usually prefers sunbathing, dreaming in ultraviolet, his black fur glistening with iridescent highlights. He would enjoy the warm, shallow Roman Baths in Bath in southwest England about 40 miles west by northwest of Stonehenge. An ancient spa town, Roman Bath Bath is the only place in Britain with natural hot springs, and probably the only place in Britain the Romans were remotely happy. Their temple town, Aquae Sulis, was dedicated to Celtic Sulis and Roman Minerva, goddess of wisdom, war, art, schools, memory, and getting into hot water. Hydrothermal springs still flow along Roman-built channels between mineral baths and healing pools in the rather unique Roman Baths Museum. Particularly agreeable to visit on a cold winter day, warm air wafts above the sacred spring, heating the entire complex. Visitors to the Grand Georgian Pump Room can sip the mineral rich water. An ultra chic Thermae Bath Spa recently opened, restoring 2,000 years of buoyant repose.

Merlin ShakesMerlin’s favorite part of his bath is the leap from the tub to race around the yard, shaking his wet cleanness over garden plants and sliding glass doors. He also enjoys toweling. Douglas Adams would approve, since a towel is the one essential item for every interstellar traveler, according to the omniscient Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.Merlin Towel Merlin carries around a special one on official Towel Day, May 25th, in honor of Adams and his fabulous intergalactic road trip tales. Merlin always travels with a handy stack of towels for wiping, sleeping, and piling. He recommends you always have one close at hand, or paw, in case you find yourself suddenly embarking on a road trip, or leaping out of a fresh spring bathtub. Merlin Smiles After Bath

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