Oct 27, 2009

Get Us to the Church on Time!

Merlin VeiledWhen we embarked on Merlin's Road Trip blog two years ago, we were driving across America to a wedding in Michigan. The daughter of my college suite-mate was getting married, and it was going to be quite a reunion. Merlin wanted to attend. So, Road Trip!

Allowing two weeks seemed plenty of time. We expected deserts, salt lakes, petroglyphs, dinosaurs, labyrinths, Lincoln HighwayPony Express, and more labyrinths. Our journey surprised us with snow flurries, ice storms, Jesse James, and a harrowing near death drive.

Davies Clark WedArriving with a day to spare, we did get to the church on time. The wedding was wonderful, the couple splendid, the dress gorgeous, the reception legendary. We ate, toasted, laughed, and danced like it was 1979. Merlin particularly relished the M & M wedding table favors, while the British side of the family doted over him.Davies Clark Wed MMs

Merlin and his chauffeurs stayed a few extra days to enjoy the fabulous company, and to stretch all our legs before the 3,000 mile drive back west. Merlin frolicked in sunlit autumn Maple leaves, and discovered Midwestern black squirrels.
Merlin Maple Leaves

Happy Anniversary,
Sian and Aaron!

Bright Blessings
on your road trip of life.

Come visit Merlin some time.
Road Trip!

Oct 15, 2009

Who Speaks for Earth? Blog Action Day

Merlin At the Ocean
Who speaks for Earth?

Merlin does. You do. I do. Everyone does. We speak through our actions. Speak speak through our silence. Today is Blog Action Day for climate change. Join the conversation. Speak!

Merlin in Mendocino Forest