Dec 24, 2009

Merlin’s Blog Before Christmas

Holiday Merlin
'Tis the night before Christmas and Merlin the Dog,
Is polishing this year’s new Santa Paws blog;

All his dog pals had long gone to their mats,
The photo-shoots done, no more un-comfy hats;

The red Merlin-mobile was parked tucked in its shed,
Dreaming of thrilling new road trips ahead;

Merlin’s collar was hung by the car keys with care,
Secure in the knowledge they’d soon go somewhere;

The dog toys were tidied and stuffed in their crate,
Awaiting the next RSVP play date;

The chauffeurs were snuggled asleep oh so well,
Happy in Merlin’s home dog-friendly hotel.

Deer biscuits sat by the hearth on a plate,
Merlin was sure they must be reindeer bait;

In case he was Scottish, for Santa a dram,
A hearty retort declared, “Aye, that I am!”

Eight tiny deer biscuits were laid in a row,
What if one biscuit were somehow to ‘go’?

NORAD’s on-line Santa Claus sleigh tracking site
revealed that Santa’s due deep in the night;

Will the eight tiny biscuits be fresh when they come?
To be a good host, Merlin sampled just one.
Santa Paws Merlin
As iTunes played quiet holiday Filk,
Merlin spied by the biscuits, a saucer of milk!

Too much to resist was the smell of full cream,
Merlin’s head slowly turned as if in a dream;

Ever closer and closer his muzzle was drawn,
Until in a twinkling the milk was gone long before dawn!

Merlin raised a keen ear for the chauffeurs at rest,
He could tell by their snoring, it was time for a test;

With a quick focused lick a commotion was heard,
A second biscuit was gone, yum, yum, and a third;

As the biscuit plate made a just bit of a clatter,
Merlin froze in mid-bite willing hush in the matter;

Silence restored, chauffeurs slept on through the night,
Merlin thought, “I’ve had three, it must be all right!”

Four biscuits, five biscuits, six biscuits woofed,
And still no tiny reindeer hoofs prancing the roof.
Deer Merlin
Now as Merlin concludes his Santa Paws blog,
He confesses to the reindeer he’s been a bad dog.

“I’ve eaten your biscuits, and though they were small,
I’m certain that deer don’t eat biscuits at all;

“And I drank Santa’s milk but it wasn’t my fault,
‘Cause I know for a fact he prefers single malt.”

Outside Christmas solar-powered lights go dark,
And Merlin signs off with a holiday bark:
As the last tiny biscuit now passes from sight,
“Happy Holidays to all, and to all a Great Night!”

Merlin Celtic Solstice Prince

Dec 13, 2009

The Cheese Never Had A Chance

Merlin Greets Gallery CookiesArtists welcome every excuse to have a party, and December is a busy month for open studios, art receptions, and holiday gallery events. Merlin gleefully volunteers to greet art appreciators to the studio, and oversee the snacks. He’s particularly attentive to art reception cheese and invites visitors to participate in the long running performance art piece, Toss the Cheese to Merlin. The cheese never has a chance.Merlin Greets Gallery Visitors

This week is the thirteenth annual Art Works Downtown Holiday Open Studios. Forty artists open their studios to the public with good cheer and great art. Merlin’s back-up chauffeur entertains in the AWD Gallery all weekend with original compositions on keyboards. Sporting his Santa Paws hat, Merlin plays gracious host, pointing the way to the Christmas cookies and herding kids around the card making tables. Merlin and Anne Wolfe Studio Cheese TastingGuest snacks appear throughout the art spaces. Merlin stalks the art cheese. He’s trained a few artists to perform cheese tricks. Anne Wolfe serves Merlin cheese on a silver platter in her painting studio. Painter of masks and myths, she creates fantastical goddess/ alien /spirit art.

Merlin and Jason Sheldrick's Cheese TrickOn the lower level, Jason Sheldrick assembles, disassembles, and illustrates found materials. Jason's trick is Cheese Chunk Kiss, an improvised cheese performance variation. Merlin Visits Ann Langston StudioPainter and illustrator Ann Langston creates delightful images from her travels, and invites Merlin to her dinner parties.Merlin Visits Janelle Schneider Studio

Janelle Schneider is a mixed media digital artist of astonishing internal landscapes, and an official follower of Merlin’s Road Trip blog. Merlin is looking forward to her Marin Arts Council exhibit reception at the Marin Community Foundation later this month. Merlin visits Marin Jewelers GuildThe AWD Marin Jewelers Guild always has elegant, tasteful displays and tasty snacks.

After checking on the music in the Gallery, Merlin returns to greet visitors to the Pavlinac Photography studio, his home base when he’s not on the road. Settled amongst phenomenal photos of places of presence, Merlin plots his next road trip to trot fresh labyrinths and sniff pristine destinations. The journey continues, fueled by art, dreams, and cheese.
Merlin Greets Pavlinac Studio Visitors

AWD HOS 2009