Mar 28, 2010

Furry Pharaoh

King MerlinMerlin likes to meet others with legendary mono-monikers, mononymous persons known by a single name, like Snoopy. When he heard Tut was visiting San Francisco, he requested an audience. Furry Pharaoh King Mutt meets King Tut.

King Tutankhamun held court in the DeYoung Museum in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. Regrettably for Merlin, all the interesting artifacts were sealed in sniff-resistant glass cases, so he opted to wait outside in the gardens. Merlin TutI’d met Tut in Chicago in 1977 and in Cairo in 1978, and dreamed of golden garages, mummy curses, and Boris Karloff. It comes to life! Fate had rewarded archaeologist Howard Carter for following his dreams to the Valley of the Kings to discover the tomb of Tutankhamun in 1922. Carter had spent his life illustrating hieroglyphs and painting watercolors of Egyptian ruins for tourists, while searching for concealed tombs. The present Tutankhamun exhibit offers splendid artifacts that are unique and astounding in their very existence and survival. Spectacularly stunning.

Merlin WaterfallSan Francisco’s Golden Gate Park was created in the 1860s out of Pacific Ocean sand dunes, a west coast Central Park. Now one of the world’s largest and most popular urban parks, it is one of Merlin’s favorite local sniffing destinations. Behind the DeYoung Museum is Stow Lake. Merlin PavilionBuilt in 1893, it is one of the San Francisco city reservoirs linked to dedicated high pressure fire hydrants, created after the 1906 earthquake unleashed fires that burned for four days, ruining the city. An island in the middle of the lake has its own waterfall and a lovely Chinese Pavilion.Merlin Squirrel It also appears to be a squirrel sanctuary, and Merlin went bonkers trying to intimidate dozens of fearless rodents. His favorite Golden Gate Park sniffing spot is the 1899 bison paddock with its particularly intriguing herd of huge shaggy brown cattle.

The 1903 North Windmill stands sentinel over Queen Wilhelmina’s Tulip Garden as we exit the park and cross the Great Highway to the ocean.Merlin Denevan Merlin scampers down the beach to yip at the surf as the sun sets. He says hello to artist Jim Denevan, who is doing what he usually does, drawing patterns in the sand with a rake. Really big patterns. We enjoyed walking Jim’s low tide sand spiral several years ago. Tonight’s creation is an optical box series. Merlin Sand Spiral

From 3,334 year old golden grave goods to earth art made moments before, we walk from the long dead to the present lively living. Art endures, abounds, enriches, elevates, and endures across millennia to inspire new expression and connect us with our shared history and inherited culture. Go art!

To be sporting, Merlin translated his name in hieroglyphs. You can too.
Merlin Hieroglyph

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