Oct 15, 2010

Clean Water for All

MerlinParkDrinkBlog Action Day 2010: WATER. Bloggers around the world write today in global conversation to spark discussion and drive collective change. Water is life. Our planet glows a soft liquid blue in the dark star field of space. Merlin's latest Road Trip was two weeks around the 100° deserts of southern Utah MerlinParkDrinkso we're especially appreciative of clean, clear, cool water from our local dog-friendly drinking fountains.

We are thinking of our Minnesotan friends, Jill and Tim Geoffrion, who have just flown to Rwanda and the Congo. Africa makes one keenly aware of water issues. Tim teaches ministers, Jill installs labyrinths. Together they instruct, inspire, and create space for spirit led leadership through their Faith, Hope & Love Global Ministries. I mentor Jill on her location photography, and she is generating some magnificent photos in some very difficult situations.

BADSo, enjoy a glass of clean, clear water today. Sip with deep awareness.
Write, make art.

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