Jan 10, 2011

Dog Star

StarMerlinShine bright, winter Sirius.
New year, new moon, new spark.
Merlin’s first labyrinth walk of 2011 was on First Tuesday at our local Fountain of Hope Labyrinth. Two weeks after the Winter Solstice full moon eclipse, a blazing brave sliver of new moon set with a pale sun. We sensed a deep stirring in the winter stillness, light and life returning to the world. Hope, a good word to carry on the path, placed deliberately with each step, purposeful intention for a superb new year.

HopeLabyrinthMerlinAs darkness thickens, bright Sirius, the Dog Star, rises in the gelid sky. Blazing blue-white in the frosty night, Sirius marks the watchful eye of the Great Dog, the constellation Canis Major. The brightest star dazzles the longest nights, reaching its highest point at midnight every New Year's Eve. Sirius, the Dog Star, our most faithful companion, watches over our night wanderings and dreams.

The eighth brightest star, Procyon, rises an hour before Sirius, in the heart of Canis Minor, the Smaller Dog. Procyon and Sirius join ninth brightest Betelgeuse to form the Winter Triangle. Red Betelgeuse marks a shoulder of Orion the Hunter, trekking across the winter sky with his two dogs. Sirius and Procyon are both binary stars with white dwarf pups, so the canine stars are really little packs of multiple stars, herding each other through our night, across all time.

Back home, our dog star, Merlin, guides terrestrial journeys with his MerlinMapsJanuary road trip readiness ritual, the Sorting of the Maps, selecting biscuits tossed onto maps to indicate this year’s destinations. Last fall we spent 2 weeks in southern Utah sniffing out petroglyphs, and returning along Nevada’s Extraterrestrial Highway. The 100°+ temperatures made it a bit difficult to remember what we discovered, but fortunately the chauffeurs took photos and will post soon. Promise. Sort photos. Write more. Wasn’t that last year’s resolution? Isn’t that every year’s resolution?

Dogs don’t make new years resolutions. They already live as best they can. In the present. Guarding, guiding, illuminating our darkness. All wow, and let’s go! Now, now, now. Yes, yes, yes!

So, follow your star, dog. Shine bright, all dog stars, with spirit and strong heart. And a bark out to all the Pet Blogger Challengers today. Ad Astra, Sparky.


CindyLu's Muse said...

Making it through the list on the hop...I know, still?! lol It's great to meet you here! I love your writing, and yes, we should take lessons from the dog on how to live. Merlin is BEAUTIFUL!

Cindy Pavlinac & Merlin said...

What a cute CindyLu pup! And yes, Merlin has taught me quite a lot about life, and grace.

Happy new years woofs to you!

Roland D. Yeomans said...

Really love your posts ... and Merlin. He reminds me of my own Sheltie, Lucky. Have a great year, Merlin! Roland

Cindy Pavlinac said...

Thanks for the kind words. Keep wagging!