Feb 14, 2011

Valentine Merlin

ValentineMerlinHappy hearts to all. Merlin wishes all his pals a heartful Valentine's Day. Say yes. Hug somebody. Hug everybody. Dispense biscuits.
In the spirit of the original St. Valentine, embrace all who love, whomever they love.
St. Valentine was martyred for performing secret marriages for Roman soldiers when it was forbidden for army men to wed. Imprisoned, he wrote a love note to his jailor's blind daughter, who's sight was restored so she could read, From your Valentine. Let love open your eyes.
Celebrate love. Live your passion. Smell roses, eat chocolate (if you're a human), wag more. Embrace love, embrace life. Say YES.

YesHeart Dog kisses all around.


paintbetty said...

Love this!! :)

Cindy Pavlinac said...

Dog kisses, roses, chocolate, & sweet hearts to you!