Apr 22, 2011

Easter Puppy

HoppyEasterEaster puppy parade!
Merlin dons bunny ears for our annual Saturday Before Easter Parade. For the last 42 years, the local Terra Linda Fire Department has led dozens of kids, dogs, and parents around the neighborhood while the Easter bunny sneaks in to lay eggs. EasterMerlinStart
The parade start siren sets Merlin to howling as the kids roll out their festively decorated bicycles, tricycles, wagons, and scooters. The fire truck speeds along at 1/4 mph as kids squeal, dogs bark, and parents and grandparents click photos. EasterMerlinHuntAfter a stately promenade around the blocks, the parade returns to the start and kids line the sidewalks in front of their respective age group lawn, waiting for another fire siren signal to release them to pounce into the Easter egg hunt.

EasterMerlinFireCaptainMerlin’s emergency response howling assistance has long been appreciated by pedestrians, drivers, and other hounds, and at last year’s Easter Parade, Fire Captain Eric MacAusland invited Merlin to hop up on the fire truck bumper with him. Merlin was thrilled! Everyone snapped their picture.

EasterMerlinLabyrinthThis Easter Sunday holds another special event with the dedication of our latest local Marin Labyrinth at Christ Presbyterian Church in Terra Linda. After service, we’ll gather to welcome the labyrinth and thank the many helping hands and paws that built it. During the frenzied kids’ egg hunt, everyone is invited to walk the new labyrinth to share hope and community.

EasterMerlinSniffMerlin’s sniffing out dog treat bunny eggs, practicing in his labyrinth for the arrival of spring surprises.

EasterBasketEaster puppy blessings of renewal and hope. Hoppy Easter,
Hoppy Spring,
Hoppy Life!

Hop, hop!