Oct 15, 2011

Blessing Merlin

Merlin in Grace Cathedral Labyrinth, Feast of St Francis, San Francisco San Francisco celebrates its patron saint, Saint Francis of Assisi, with the Blessing of the Animals in Grace Cathedral. On the first Sunday in October all creatures great and small are invited to church. Reminiscent of medieval cathedrals where dogs roamed the back aisles and traveling pilgrims camped overnight with their livestock, the Feast of St. Francis services are peppered with barks and meows from amongst the pews. Animal murmurs mingle with prayers and merge with hymns. A few howls cheer the choir. All animals present are blessed and thanked for their loving companionship, and the entire assembly scampers to the courtyard for individual blessings and biscuits. Merlin Receiving St Francis Day Blessing of the Animals in Grace Cathedral, San Francisco
Being a seasoned labyrinth explorer, Merlin lingered in the cathedral, waiting for the space to clear so he could settle into the center of the magnificent Grace Labyrinth all by himself. Rainbow light poured from stained glass windows, bathing Merlin in St. Francis’ radiant blessing. Illuminated labyrinth, enlightened Merlin!
Merlin in Grace Cathedral Labyrinth, Feast of St Francis, San Francisco
Thank you Merlin, for padding along life’s path with us. St Francis’ blessing on your precious paws, and to all creatures for companionship, courage, service, loyalty, innocence. May we be as wonderful for you, as you are for us. Many delicious blessings on your Path!

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