Jan 24, 2012

New Paw Paths

Merlin Frenchy's Field Park Labyrinth
Time for the annual Sorting of the Maps. In case you missed Merlin’s disclosure of his secret road trip planning process, it involves tossing dog biscuits on maps. Merlin indicates the range and reach of travel by the order and speed of biscuits munched. This January’s biscuit toponymy tossing indicated an intriguing balance of new and familiar destinations.

Last year, Merlin trotted new trails from Barstow to Taos, adding several dozen new labyrinths to his collection.
Merlin Sand Labyrinth at Monument Valley Mittens

This year starts close to home, exploring the local Pacific Coast, open spaces, and dog parks within a day’s drive. Merlin continues his Aqua Therapy, strengthening his gait in the underwater treadmill at the Animal Wellness Canter of Marin. In June, we’re installing an Art Labyrinth at the Marin Art Festival, compiling a map of Marin Country labyrinths. Maybe we’ll lead a Labyrinth Garden Walking Tour. Want to come labyrinth walkies with Merlin?
Merlin on Railyard Park Dog Swing
So, maps are sorted. Gung Hay Fat Choy! Happy Year of the Dragon. Red envelopes of hope, wealth, happiness, and dog biscuits for all. Happy new paw paths!


My 100 foot yacht said...

Hehe. Love the picture of merlin swinging on another doggie!

4Pets said...

I agree with the above comment, What an amazing photo and swing! Will have to make plans to visit it one day..

Cindy Pavlinac said...

Yes! This was a delightful find. We went to walk a new playground labyrinth but this was dog-gone irresistible.

And Merlin posed just about anywhere for a fun photo, and biscuit treat promise...