May 2, 2012

Merlin's Labyrinth

Merlin's Spring Labyrinth

Every day is World Labyrinth Day for Merlin. He trots his own backyard Celtic double spiral design meandering through a garden of rosemary, lavender, sage, and wild flowers. The labyrinth is in full spring bloom for Beltane, celebrating the genius loci, the local spirit of place, the centered labyrinth. 

May’s first Saturday is World Labyrinth Day, when people around the world walk local labyrinths at 1pm, focusing on creating peace in the world. With the intention to Walk as One at 1, a rolling flow of labyrinth walking sends a meandering wave of harmonious attention across time zones and around our planet Earth as it spins in space. 

Merlin will be trotting his garden path, sniffing blossoming herbs and spring flowers. He also welcomes visitors into the studio at Art Works Downtown for Marin Open Studios weekend. Drop by for great art, creative conversation, inspiration, artistic community. Merlin awaits, ready to accept a blueberry biscuit in honor of May Day as he plots his next road trip. 

Get out and enjoy spring, labyrinths and art!


Judy A. said...

Wonderful to learn of World Labyrinth Day! Be advised, four-legged friend Norma Jean and her two people may descend upon your doorstep on Saturday, just before 1 p.m., exit swiftly out your back door and quietly, with purpose and peaceful hearts, join Merlin in a meander through your spring blossoms and tradition before heading to Art Works Downtown. Perfect pairing--nature and art! See you Saturday!

Cindy Pavlinac said...

Merlin’s BFF and her peeps are always welcome to enjoy Merlin’s Labyrinth. Looking forward to sharing peace, inspiration, art, and biscuits.